Weithaga is the new Thunguri

In October 2012 our head roaster Jeff Verellen became an Aeropress legend by winning the World Aeropress Championships in Milan Italy.

When finishing equally first in the 2011 finals in London (afterwards the head judge decided to give to title to the Danish competitor.....) we were convinced of having a great recipe to come back in 2012 for the win.

When the organization of the WAC in 2012 did not pick a fixed coffee and asked us to bring a Kenyan coffee of our own liking we were convinced the Karimikui AA was the one to do the job.

With a team of several professionals we were experimenting for weeks (and months) to get the most out of this coffee.

When the day before the comp, Jeff, Isabelle, Bert and me were testing the Karimikui on the Marco booth in Milano, we were not longer convinced this coffee would do the trick.

Jeff was luckily smart enough to bring along a second coffee in his hand luggage; the Thunguri. This Kenya came from a small lot we bought from Inter America and we liked it a lot, but always thought the Karimikui was more suitable. Till that day.

After a wild night out at the Out of the Box party organized by La Marzocco we were around 3 o'clock at night testing the Thunguri in our hotel room. While i thought the guys were crazy, Simon and Jeff were sure this coffee was the one to go with. 

Finally Jeff's recipe and the Thunguri would be unanimously the winner in all 3 rounds at the WAC finals and everybody wanted a bag of this great coffee. 

Since that day we kept on dreaming about this legendary Thunguri bean, but never had a chance of buying some again. Either way we could not find it or in the other case someone else bought it before we could lay our hands on it. 

Bit by bit we forgot the coffee till we were drinking the first cups of our new Kenya Ken coffee, named Muranga Weithaga AA. At once we had a flashback to 2012 and that holy Thunguri coffee. It tastes like Kenya mixed with a good Ethiopia and hits of a spicy washed Indonesia.

At the cupping tables 5 months ago in Nairobi this coffee was my favourite one (out of 300 coffees) and it's now delivering! Available as a drink at Caffenation or on sale in our webshop or on the shelf of your local Caffenation dealer. Enjoy!

For those who want to go back in time, i still have the link with photo of the WAC winning team in Milano 2012 here - good times:


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